Bunbury Festival

The Pass played at Bunbury today in Cincinnati. This was a good experience for me to see how bands are treated at large events. Seemed like they had a blast. There was a pretty decent turnout for their set.


Cassingle Series #2

Last night had a better turnout since the Deloreans were playing. They’re one of Louisville’s more popular bands. In fact, the whole lineup was great. Below is another short video of the out-of-town opener, Coins.

The $2 Midnight Getdown

My boss approached me to see if we, The Gallery Singers, wanted to play a show at the Haymarket on July 18 since we handle their booking now. Can’t wait for the show. Initially, Black Birds of Paradise wanted to call the event “the two buck butt fuck,” but Get Out Louisville rejected that idea because he has corporate sponsors. It seems that there is a correlation between censorship and sponsorship.¬†Below is the poster that I made and distributed across town.

Recording at Goldsmith

The band that I play guitar for (The Gallery Singers) recorded at Goldsmith Studios today. That’s my guitar on the chair there, the God guitar. I got it in Berea for $70. Even though I’m not here for my work at Doppelgang, it’s important to take what I can from this experience and apply it to my internship. It seems like it would be easy for a band to waste studio time by dicking around and just nerding about the studio (the records in it, etc.). At the end of the day, I learned how important it is to stay focused on your work while you’re paying for time. Goldsmith has a really good rate for the quality of the studio ($300 a day), and this is one of the cheaper ones. I’ve seen a couple around town that charge $1,200 an hour. When we finished our twelve hour time slot, we had seven songs recorded. We were amazed. The owner of the studio even pulled us aside to say “This is the most work any band’s ever gotten done in a day.”