Month: May 2014

White Reaper on Noisey

Doppelgang Noisey

My boss got noisey to premier White Reaper’s track “cool” today to promote their upcoming EP. It’s important to make sure that your material is exposed properly. It’s also my job right now to update our company website. Here‘s the review.


The Pass

The Pass’ Single Series

One of the Bands Doppelgang Manages is the pass. My first week on the job and they already have me taking promo photos! We’re working all day today to package the rest of these singles and send them out to the people who ordered them.

Just For Starters

This is where I’m living for the summer! It’s a little punk venue (cap: 300, I think) on Portland Avenue. They only have shows once every couple weeks.Louisville seems really weird so far, but that’s okay I guess because I have a great job working as a consultant for Doppelgang Media. It also has the world’s first Krispy Kreme.

^National Doughnut Day.